Give your ideas a new perspective.         Just tap, type and turn

EDNA is a writing tool that has an easy learning curve and no commands to learn to get started --  just start typing and the app starts building a mind map for you.

All you need to do is fill in bubbles or organize the structure, it automatically organizes your ideas so you can focus on your topic.  From your main topic it expands up to 12 topics, 72 subtopics and 288 detail levels with unlimited text in each field.  See a demo at www.youtube.com/passingscore

It's easy to begin an essay.


Get a new perspective.


Simply rotate your iPad and now you can see your ideas organized into an outline.

Review, edit and order your essay.


Flip your iPad to portrait mode to view an outline that is auto generated from your mindmap.  Quickly scan, edit and order your ideas before pasting them to your favorite word processor or any other app.

Just the beginning.


Continue writing anywhere.


Edna's simple copy, paste and email functions make it easy for you to continue writing using your favorite word processor.

Email or cut and paste to Pages, Writer, Word or any other word processor.

We are working hard on plenty of new features and improvements.  We'd love to hear from you with any suggestions or ideas you'd like to see in future versions.

All the details.


Map up to 12 topics, 72 subtopics and 288 details


No commands to learn just tap, type and turn

Organizes your mindmap for you


Unlimited text in each field. Write a key word or expand on your ideas


Use portrait mode to quickly view an outline of your ideas and edit them


Email your mindmap or outline to use on your desktop or laptop.

Copy the complete outline to Pages or any other program

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Get started by mapping your ideas.


Enter the main idea of your essay in the center bubble.  Then add supporting points to bubbles connected to your main idea.  If you want to add more just add details to the bubbles connected to your supporting points.